We just started interior demolition on a great old Victorian Home right on the bluff on Warren’s Point. This house is getting the makeover it so deserves thanks to the thoughtful design of Ronald DiMauro Architects. We are excited to bring new life into this classic Victorian vacation home.



We built a garage with studio above for our Long Lane clients. They can’t decide if it should be a ping-pong-party-palace or a yoga studio so we decided to ask our friend and photographer Anthony Crisafulli  shoot it both ways. What do you think?



Check our our 2 newest projects Long Lane and Drift Road. We are happy to show off both houses. Long Lane was spec house that sold in just a couple of weeks. Its clean modern details made it unlike anything else on the market – kudos to Gale Goff for the smart design. Drift Road is a custom vacation home that has killer river views and gorgeous traditional architectural details throughout. We are so lucky to be able to bring projects like these to life!


We are fans of Zero Energy Design and their practical approach to energy efficient design and high performance heating systems. Custom Home Magazine has an interesting interview with them. We partnered with them to do efficiency modeling for our Neck Rd. project with great results.


We are wrapping up our project on Neck Rd. designed by Peter Twombly of the venerable Estes/Twombly Architects.  The clients are getting ready to come back east for an August  1st move-in date – we are proud to say we are on schedule to deliver in time for their vacation. IMG_0549


We are happy to be building a new garage with 2nd floor studio for our clients. They loved their house and wanted a garage studio to match. Gale Goff came back on board to design the space and it is very cool with exceptional river views. The only issue remains what to call it. The original concept was a yoga studio, but the clients have lately taken to calling it a ping-pong palace. Either one sounds good to us!IMG_2404


Surf shack is shaping up! Maryann Thompson Architects designed the sweetest surf shack and we got to bring it to life. Imagine coming in from the surf to radiant floor heat and a cedar sauna. Sounds good to us!



Sneak preview here for one of our recent projects. Another great collaboration with Gale:

GaleGoff_DriftRdWport_07 GaleGoff_DriftRdWport_11 GaleGoff_DriftRdWport_22 GaleGoff_DriftRdWport_09


A great project with killer views of the Westport River and Great Island! Check it:JacobTalbot_Westport_DriftRD_19 JacobTalbot_Westport_DriftRD_04 JacobTalbot_Westport_DriftRD_09 JacobTalbot_Westport_DriftRD_05


So excited to be working with this firm! We’ve long been fans of their work and are happy to have a chance to partner with them on this fun little project. We are building a surf hut complete with a sauna, radiant heat and stone tile floors. We think accessory buildings have a special charm and can’t wait to show the final results. For now we’ve got this:


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